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Heirloom tomato plants, Cherokee Purple, Brandywine red, yellow, Mr. Stripey, prolific yellow pear cherry tomato, Pineapple tomato, mortgage lifter tomato, live nursery plants for sale, Chatham County, NC North Carolina Pittsboro, PBO, Siler City, Moncure, Goldston, Bynum, Bear Creek, Bonlee.

Heirloom tomato plants.
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Heirloom tomato plants, Cherokee Purple tomatoes for sale, Brandywine red, yellow, 
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Ararat Flamed: Medium, fire engine red, 65-70 days, indeterminate, very rare. Love at first bite with this one! 4 oz. fruits. Ararat Flamed is originally from Debrecen, Hungary. The name in German is Ararat Geflammte. Our original seed came from a friend in the UK over 18 years ago. Rich full bodied tomato flavor. Bursting with juicy sweet, tangy flavor. One of the best fresh eating and salad tomatoes. We got 30 lbs. from one plant! A must have for any tomato grower. Superb for market growers too.

BeefSteak: (AKA Red Ponderosa or Crimson Cushion) Considered the original heirloom "Beefsteak" tomato. An old-time favorite that has been popular for many years due to it's excellent productivity and wonderful taste. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce lush, thick, indeterminate, regular-leaf, tomato plants that yield from vigorous vines, 4 to 5-inch, slightly ribbed, bright-red tomatoes that have spectacularly delicious, sweet flavors.

Big Rainbow Tomato: 80-85 days, beefsteak, bi-color, indeterminate. A spectacular large beefsteak with slight ribbing. Big Rainbow has an mottled orange and red exterior with brilliant colored gold and red meat. A low-acid, firm, meaty tomato. Packs a good old-fashioned, juicy tomato taste. Big Rainbow has vigorous vines and good disease resistance.

Black Krim: 75-80 days. Deep reddish brown fruit with bright red meat and chartreuse green seeds- as delicious as it is beautiful. Robust, smoky, spicy flavor with a bit of saltiness. It's Russian name is "Czerno Krimski". It does tend to crack some but once you taste them you won't care! Harvesting note: Krims have the best taste when they are at the half green and still firm stage. This is when they should be harvested. Hails from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea. Suitable for greenhouse growing too.

Brandywine Classic Red/Pink: 90-100 days, indeterminate, large fruit. This classic Amish brandywine heirloom tomato dates back to 1885 and was named after the Brandywine Creek in Pennsylvania, where it was first grown. It is considered to be one of the finest flavored large tomatoes ever offered. Creamy texture, thin skin and wonderful brandywine flavor. Plants are potato leafed. Yields are good producing extra-large, firm, rosy pink fruits weighing from 12 ounces to 1-1/2 pounds. Performs quite well in high heat areas

Black Sea Man: 70 to 75 days, determinate. Tied for 1st place with Golden Egg in our 2010 taste test. Medium to fairly large slightly flattened fruit, mid-sized plant with big potato leaves. Black Seaman is of Ukrainian origin. The fruit is Mahogany colored with olive shoulders and when sliced displays a stunning inside coloration. Flesh is buttery smooth, taste is sweet, spicy and slightly salty- exceptional! It has a dense center that makes it perfect for slicing and fresh eating. It makes a wicked salsa. May be successfully grown in large containers and adapts well to any climate!

Calabash Purple: 85 days. May be the most purple of all “purple” tomatoes; a deep purple/burgundy and very colorful! The shape is also exciting, with the 3” fruit being very flat, ribbed and ruffled. Flavor is intense, sweet and tart, with a lime or citrus taste. A uniquely flavored tomato! The plants give very large yields! Performs well in high heat areas.

Ceylon, Rare: 70 days, indeterminate, miniature orange-red beefsteak. How about big tomato flavor in a tiny package? If you are a fan of that rich beefsteak flavor than Ceylon tomatoes are for you. The fruits are disc shaped, weigh from 1-3 ounces and look a bit like little pumpkins. The plants topped out around 5 feet for us and fruit set was incredible. The tomatoes started to ripen early and kept on trooping in the heat and right until the first frost. The flavor starts out with an juicy note of sweetness and ends with a clean assertive tomato flavor. We just fell in love with Ceylon tomatoes and had a hard time stopping everyone from snacking on them in the field!

Cherokee Purple: 80 days, indeterminate, large fruit. The vines of Cherokee Purple is an heirloom possibly over 100 years old and was said to be grown by the Cherokee Indians. It bears up to 12 ounce globular to slightly oblate shaped fruits with a dusky rose-brownish coloring, purple undertones, green shoulders and dark red flesh. Regular tomato leaves with fairly high production of tomatoes. It can have some concentric cracking. The taste is excellent and has been compared to Brandywine. It is sweet, with a rich somewhat smoky taste. Always tops at our taste tests year after year.

Eva Purple Ball: 78 days, indeterminate. Handsome heirloom with 5 oz round, deep pink tomatoes. Eva Purple Ball came from the Black Forest Region in Germany in the late 1800s by the Grandfather of Joseph Bratka of Elmwood Park, New Jersey. First commercial offering in the USA was in 1994 by SSE. Yields are prolific and the plants have very good resistance to foliar and fruit diseases making it a superior choice for every region especially hot humid areas. Definitely a wise choice for our customers in the South. While the fruits are crack resistant the skin is tender and they are juicy with that sweet tomato taste. All purpose- use them any way you want. You will not be disappointed!

German Johnson: 80 Days, Indet. OP. Heirloom Big producer of big (often over 1 lb.) pink fruits with big flavor on a big plant! A popular old heirloom from the south, the flavor is very sweet and the flesh is meaty like a beefsteak. Very popular and has a reputation for producing well even in the heat of summer.

Golden Egg: 70 to 75 days, plum, indeterminate, rare. Rated Number 1 in our 2009 and 2010 taste tests! Light, creamy yellow, exceptional 3-4 oz egg shaped fruits about the size of a large chicken egg. When you bite into a Golden Egg tomato it literally explodes with flavor! It's like a ray of sunshine rippling across your tongue. Huge crops- heavy bearing trusses. Meaty, and juicy with few seeds. The flavor is sweet, with a delicate yet rich tomato flavor and unlike any tomato you have ever tried. Use for drying, fresh, canning, salad etc. Golden Egg makes a lovely tomato soup or salsa. Anything you want to use Golden Egg for will simply sing with flavor!

Great White: Beefsteak, indeterminate, 85 days. Large beefsteak fruit weighing from 1 lb to 1 lb 4 ounces! Fruits are sweet, juicy, low acid and have a terrific exotic melon like flavor. You will love it. Great White has very few seeds. Prolific harvests, healthy plants with dense foliage that protects against sunscald on fruit. This white tomato will have a pink hue at the blossom end when ripe. This is one you must try.

Japanese Black Trifele: 75 days, indeterminate, potato leafed. The Japanese Black Trifele tomato is from Russia! This rare tomato is unmistakable. There's nothing else like it. They are the size and shape of a Bartlett pear with purplish mahogany skin and green shoulders. Beautiful. These plants bear an incredible amount of fruit. They have an extraordinary, sublime rich taste. Unlike many other black varieties, the tomatoes are blemish free and not subject to cracking. One of the darkest black tomato varieties available. However you want to use this tomato, fresh or cooked you will love it as much as we do.

Marianna's Peace: Rare, 80 days, beefsteak, indeterminate. Large potato-leaved plant with 1 lb and larger deep pink-reddish fruit. A family heirloom that originated from early 1900's Czechoslovakia. The flavor is irresistible- perfect sugar to acid ratio and full of that rich old tomato taste. It has a smooth texture with lots of meat and few seeds yet it is juicy. Marianna's Peace is said to be among the finest tasting tomatoes around and we agree! Marianna's is one of our top all around choices. It's a true tomato lovers tomato

Mortgage Lifter: Developed by M.C. Byles in the 1930's, this heirloom tomato remains very much in demand in the Mid-Atlantic states. Mr. Byles, affectionately known as "Radiator Charlie" earned his nickname from the radiator repair business he opened at the foot of a steep hill on which trucks would often overheat. Radiator Charlie, who had no formal education or plant breeding experience, created this legendary tomato by cross-breeding four of the largest tomatoes he was able to find and developed a stable variety after six years of pollination and selection. He then sold his heirloom tomato plants for one dollar each (in the 1940’s) and paid off the six thousand dollar mortgage on his house in six years. It is said that each spring, gardeners drove as far as 200 miles to buy Charlies seedling tomatoes. The large, slightly flattened, pink-red fruits that range from 1 pound to more than 3 pounds, are meaty, very flavorful and have few tomato seeds.

Pineapple: 85 days. Red and yellow streaks, beefsteak, indeterminate. Pineapple tomatoes are big boys, we had some that weighed in at 2 lbs! They average 16-24 oz. Very distinct taste that is fruity, low-acid and sweet with a smooth, silky texture. Suitable for eating fresh, salads and salsa. A beautiful tomato. Good yields for a beefsteak with very sturdy vines. One of our top sellers!

Polish Linguisa: 73 days. Indeterminate. Very large, red, long sausage-like shape, indeterminate. Polish Linguisa is great for sauces, drying and tastes so delicious it's great for eating fresh too. Fruits are large, weighing in at 8-10 ounces each and are quite meaty. It dates back to the early 1800's and came from New York via Polish immigrants. Very heavy yields and it keeps well when left on the vine. Off the vine green fruits ripen beautifully.

SunGold: 73 days. Indeterminate. THE VERY BEST yellow cherry tomato!! Very prolific all season until frost. Excellent for fresh eating and drying. Very heavy yields and it keeps well when left on the vine. Off the vine green fruits ripen beautifully.

Butterfly Weed - Sunset Flower Asclepias curassavica This colorful variety of Butterfly Weed grows to a height of 2 feet, with bright orange and red, umbel type flower heads. Makes a wonderful accent plant or cut flower. Glossy gray-green lanceolate foliage forms a unique background for other border annuals. $15.00/each

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