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Trifoliate Orange, Bitter Orange,Hardy Orange, Poncirus trifoliat, live nursery plants for sale, Chatham County, NC North Carolina Pittsboro, PBO, Siler City, Moncure, Goldston, Bynum, Bear Creek, Bonlee.

Trifoliate Orange/Bitter Orange/Hardy Orange
Scientific name: Poncirus trifoliat
member of the Rue family (Rutaceae)

Deep Chatham ™

Edible landscape for North Carolina
Trifoliate Orange, Bitter Orange, Hardy Orange
Scientific name: Poncirus trifoliat
What: Mature fruit
How: juice and zest as seasoning and as a lemonade replacement
Where: partially shady woods
Nutritional Value: Vitamin C
Other uses: Bonsai, The the twisted and intertwined branches covered in sharp 2" long spines make this a great security hedge.
This tree is used as a root-stock for grafting citrus and other fruits.
It is native to northern China and Korea, and is also known as the Chinese Bitter Orange
NOTE: Trifoliate orange can be invasive and must be well managed.

We offer Trifoliate orange plants:
1 gallon size for $69.99 delivered ONLY SOLD TO USA ADDRESSES

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