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Live plants for sale,native,flowers,ornamentals,herbs,annuals,perennialLive plants for sale,native,flowers,ornamentals,herbs,annuals,perennial

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Live plants for sale Pittsboro, NC 27312

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Perfect time to PLANTs FOR SALE!

* Rainbow Milkweed, Mexican milkweed, butterfly weed, red and yellow milkweed:
$5.00 each in 3 inch pots

* Obedience plant Lots of Intense purple flowers 1 gallon pots $20 each

* Tea Olive tree WHITE Osmanthus 30 inches tall in one gallon pot $39 each

* Butterfly bush purple buddleia 1 gallon pot $20

* Columbine Native BLOOMING now in pots $20 each

* Tea Olive tree Apricot color Osmanthus 30 inches tall in one gallon pot $49 each

* Clumping Bamboo DOES NOT RUN Fargesia robusta 1 gallon pot $49

* Meyer lemon trees in 1 gallon pots $50 each

* Meyer lemon trees in 3 gallon pots $75 each

* Brown Turkey fig tree in 1 gallon pots $20 each

* China Berry tree Melia azedarach aka Pride of India bead-tree Cape lilac syringa berry Persian lilac Indian lilac 40 inches tall 1 gallon pot $29 each

* Honey Locust tree leditsia triacanthos f. inermis 'Impcole' 1 gallon pot $30 each

* Winter blooming honeysuckle Lonicera fragrantissima First Breath of Spring in starts blooming at the end of December thru March 1 gallon pots $20 each

* Horse Tail herb ornamental 1 gallon pot $20 each

* Wild Cosmos caudatus perennial 5 feet tall $15 per pot

* Butterfly Ginger Lily beautiful fall blooms winter hardy $20 per pot

* Variegated Brugmansia Angel Trumpet RARE! $30 each in 1 gallon pot

* Swamp Mallow hibiscus white with red heart $15 each in 1 gallon pot.

* NC native Canna lily $20 each in 1 gallon pot

* Red Butterfly Ginger! Autumn flowering $25 each in 1 gallon pot.

* Bronze Fennel food for Tiger Swallow tail and other butterflies in pots $10 each

* Anna Belle hydrangea in pots $20 each

* Bee balm Oswego $5.00 each in 1 gallon pot

* Mosquito repelling plant $20 each in 1 gallon pot

* True Peppermint plants $10 per pot

* Horseradish root in 1 gallon pots $10 each

* Cape Honeysuckle 1 gallon pot $25 each

* Autumn Clematis paniculata 1 gallon pot $10 each

* Red Geranium CLASSIC 1 gallon pot $10 each

* Anna Belle Hydrangea 1 gallon pot $20 each

* Elderberry Plants in one gallon pots are $15 each 10 for $125, Extra large elderberry plants $25 each

* Elderberry syrup made with elderberries I grow here on my organic farm in Chatham county and organic sugar and well water canned in reusable glass jars: 1 quart $40

* Peppermint Tea loose tea grown organically here on my farm very delightful and soothing 1 pint jar $20

***Plants for sale serving Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro, Pittsboro, Chatham County, NC, North Carolina, Siler City, Moncure, Goldston, Bynum,Bear Creek, Bonlee. vine ripe , restaurant supply and individuals,

Heirloom tomato plants $5 each
Black Krim
Brandywine Red
Brandywine Yellow
Cherokee Purple
Cherokee Green
Giant Pink Oxheart
Mr Stripey

Please call first to make an appointment.
Thank you.
*Gratitude is a self fulfilling prophecy!

live nursery plants for sale

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